RUFF'N IT - How to wIn in Relationships
July 23, 2020, 4:00 pm
How To wIn In Relationships
      It doesn't matter what type of relationship...friendship, professional, church, romatic, etc....we all want to win, regardless of the type! It's usually not fun if one person is always winning or loosing.  Matter of fact, if the wins/losses stay lopesided, eventually we may both loose.  It only works best when all parties can have a wIn! The win usually starts with the "I" in wIn! What do "I" need to do for "us" to wIn.  As much as the "I" in wIn matters, so does the "W" in WIn. If "I" and "We" can an "N"...nowledge...for the W. + I. + N. = WIN, we can all WIN. Join US on Thursdays at 4pm so We Can Help You WIN!!!     

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