Singles United To Receive Godly Edification 

     The S.U.R.G.E. is a life group that focused upon singles' developing and maximizing their single life.  Being single is one of the greatest and most significant time frames for the individual to develop an understanding of one's self while pursuing various accomplishments for his or her life. Some people view singlehood as a waiting period for marriage, but if one has not learned how to maximize their singleness, marriage can become a troublesome time, due to incomplete maturity. This is an opporutnity to build relationships with men and women in a safe environment, learn oneself, and build the blueprints for single success.    
     Go to our Calendar of Events to obtain more information on our next monthly meeting.  Be aware that our Single's Life Group usually takes a break for the summer time (June - August).   
Tawona Nettles, Coordinator