Whether you have never been to church or you have been hundreds of times or maybe you are somewhere in between, we invite you to get to know Life Empowerment Church (LEC) and more importantly, to get to know Christ. Please take a few minutes to browse the site for more details about the various ways your life will be EMPOWERED. 

Follow these Simple Steps!

1. Decide when you want to visit us in person.

  • Any Sunday at 10:30 a.m. (Check out our LEC Calendar for special events)

 2. How to get there? (Directions To Life Empowerment Church)

  • We don’t worship in a traditional church building, but a community facility.  There's nothing wrong with tradition, but we wanted to have a community building that communicates we're a community church. 

3. What to wear: 

  • As a contempary non-traditional church, we do not focus on how people are dressed. You don’t have to dress up, wear what is comfortable, but more fig leaves  (...Adam & Eve joke)

4. What about the children/youth?

  • Families are welcome!  Due to the pandemic, we are "Reubilding" the church according to Ezra 3:1-13 and children's ministry is under reconstruction at this time.  We do a virtual children's ministry on Saturdays at 10am for children, 1st grade through 5th grade.  Our youth have begun to meet in person twice a month. Please check the  LEC Calendar for Sundays.


5. What happens when I walk through the door?

  • We are going to welcome you – probably with a hug/warm handshake/fist bump, or what's comfortable for you.  We acknowledge and recognize COVID comfort and safety practices. 

6. Do I have to participate in the service or in the offering?

  • Some people stand up and some people stay seated during the singing portion of the service. We recognize that this may be a new experience for you and promise not to judge you.  Therefore, the amount of participation by you is based upon how the Lord leads you.  During the service, we acknowledge our guest to make them feel welcome and we provide them with information about our church.

7. What should I do at the end of the service? 

  •  We encourage you to connect with other attenders/members.  Pastors Marcus and LaTerra will be at the door to say hello.  If our service spoke to your heart, ask them or others serving about the many ways to continue this maximizing life journey.