Life Empowerment Church’s culture entails a community of believers that aggressively utilize methodologies to reach people who are far from God and while keeping others from straying away.  We have chosen to emerge a culture to connect with people to show them God’s timeless truths for a better life.  
1.   People – The very essence of why we exist and live because they are more important than any
2.   Passionate – We are energetic, inspired, and excited to live a life beyond our limits.
3.   Growth – We manifest an environment where people are accepted as they are, but don’t want to   
                        remain the same.
4.   Inviting – We encourage and welcome people to have a life-changing experience.
5.   Hospitality – We are a place where guest want to join the family and the family members don’t want
                             to leave home.
6.   Progressive – We strive to remain relevant from generation to generation.
7.   Giving – We create an environment where people offer their time, talents, and treasury to see the
                       vision manifest.
8.   Excellence – We strive to provide the best service. 
9.   Healthy – Acknowledging what's right and/or wrong and willing to make it better or fix it. 
10. Multiethnic – We create an atmosphere that celebrates and embraces every group of people. 
11. Impact – We empower a tangible change in people that ultimately transforms our community. 
12. Team – The fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.