Life Empowerment Church Teaching Series

      Life Empowerment Church provides both online and in person opportunities for ministry.  We believe that there's a richness one experiences with in person and live experiences that aren't always translated or transferred through onlines experiences.  It is our prayer that you would attend those in person services with us and have what the Bible calls "koinonia" ...the corporate fellowship of believers. It's nothing like being there to hear it "hot off the press," but this is the next best.  
     Our online ministerial experience is an opportunity to experience us when you can't be with us in person.  Also, some our ministerial experiences encourage participation with asking questions and receving answers in real time.  
    We have an online catalogue of sermon series, focused prayer sessions, and relationship empowerment.  Those ministerial segments can be assessed through our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Click on the "Facebook" or "YouTube" logo below to access our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Enjoy!