Nehemiah Building Campaign


   Life Empowerment Church (LEC) is excited about the opportunity to move into a permanent location and to have their own building!  LEC believes that it has been commissioned by Lord to do a work within the Inland Empire (I.E.) area with the capability of reaching far beyond the I.E. borders.  In it's DNA, the vision is to create followers for Christ, make disciples, cultivate leaders, and transform the community.  In it's 13 years of fulfilling the call of God, LEC has touched thousands, help save hundreds, and made an indelible mark upon it's surrounding community! Now it's time for LEC to have a permanent location in order that they might fulfill the rest of the mandate as well as continue with their salvation and discipleship work.  LEC has endeavors to have a Christian academy, daycare facility and counseling center in order to reach families beyond the traditional outreaches that they've done with prayer walks, evangelizing, and ministerial services.  LEC is looking to extend it's reach and partnership is a key element to extend their ministerial boundaries.  LEC is in need of a 7,000 - 10,000 square foot building in order to continue to accomplish it's currently ministerial work as well as have space and opportunity to extend their ministerial efforts.  LEC has already raised $91,000 of the $200,000 needed for purchasing their building.  In their 2nd phase of the building campaign for 2023, the goal is to raise $59,000 to reach 150,000.00.  There are several ways for persons to contribute to the Building Fund Campaign, such as digital contributions as outlined on our giving page (Building Fund Campaign), but if persons may have stocks and Gifts in Kind that he or she would like to utilize, please contact the church office (951.602.7668) so that we can properly process the gift.  Please stay tuned to our website as we'll be providing more information for our church building and plans.  Remember, we're not not building a building, but we're building lives!