B.L.In.G. (Boldly Living In God)  

       A Women's Life Group that is designed to maximize women to the highest level of womanhood. The emphasis is placed on women having wholesome interaction with themselves and then all other significant counterparts in their lives.  The women's ministry is strategically designed to touch, empower, include, involve, and encircle woman from all walks of life.

  2024 Focus: Loving One Another (Bishop Bruncheon)

        In this Love season, we are building better bonds to fortify a better sisterhood! We are focusing on developing a Love for ourselves and one another! What does it look and feel like to love ourselves the way God loves us! How can we love one another the way God loves us! Yes, this is a tall order, but an order God has called us to fulfill and the monthly meeting will equip us with the "how to's." Join us once a month for our "Bishop Bruncheons (in person), usually on the 3rd Sunday.  

2024 Focus: Supernatural (Bishop & Pastor Melissa Williams)

        We are doing it again! Bishop LaTerra and Pastor Melissa Williams are empowering women to walk in the supernatural! We have not been called to just be human beings, but to be spiritual beings. According to our biblical call, we are to be supernatural! Don't limit yourself to just your education, life experience, earthly accomplishments, no matter how great or small, but know that Jesus has called you to be "SUPER...NATURAL!" 
Join us online, every fourth Monday, for our Women's Ministry Event (online only). We promise to empower you and not leave you the same! 

    Go to our Calendar of Events to obtain more information on our next monthly meeting, in person, or online.

    Be aware that our Women's Life Group usually takes a break for the summer time (June - August) for the in-person events, but the online is planned for the entire year with an in person Women's conference in San Diego in January 2025.