Raising Godly Children


   We're here to partner with you and like you, we believe your children are important!  Our Children's Ministry staff create an atmosphere of learning and fun.  Kingdom Kidz and M'powered will keep your children engaged and having them wanting to attend church every Sunday!


What would happen if you found out about God so early in your life you never lived a day without believing that He really loves you? Before a child turns 6 years old, we have the chance to make a first impression of the heavenly Father in such a way it makes a lasting impression on the heart of a child.  It is our goal to help your kids understand that: God Made Me, God Loves Me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Our incredible volunteers, teachers and staff make this an incredibly joyful place for everyone.  

M'Powered Church


    Our children's church is filled with opportunities for us to build godly children. In a world where morals, character, and godly principles are loosing their significance in our communities, Life Empowerment Church remains committed to building Kingdom children! M'Powered Church is for our elmentary age children, 1st - 5th grade. We have lessons, games, and activities to help educate them with biblical knowledge and understanding for practical application in their lives. Children need to have spiritual education while having fun, making memories, and building friendships. 

      This relevant and contemporary ministry speaks the language of today’s Christian youth. In “their” environment, each is able to be themselves while connecting with God and to one another. The atmosphere is set for any youth to be authentically loved, encouraged and empowered for LIFE…
     Kingdom Builders (KB) (Youth Ministry) usually meets every Sunday, during the main adult services.  There are times for relevant bible teachings with everyday practical application.  We create an atmosphere that attracts teenagers with support, encouragement, laughter, while receiving spiritual enrichment.