Life Empowerment Church provides you options for online giving through debit and credit cards.  We offer online giving as a convenience and as a way to strengthen biblical money management principles.  We ask that you do not use gift cards because we have found that often they don't work on our different giving platforms below. 

Thank you for your online giving.  


Our Cash AppAccount:

  Life Empowerment Church's (LEC) Paypal Account can also be utilized without LEC paying fees.  If you prefer to help us to avoid paying fees on your donation, you can use the "Family and Friends" section on Paypal, then you you can send us donations without any fees. To know how to use the "Family and Friends section of PayPal, see info below: 

   The "Family and Friends" section can be assessed by going to Once you sign in to your PayPal account, go to "Tools" at the top of the page. Once you click on the "Tools," scroll down to the category, "All Tools."  Once you click on "All Tools," look for the category "Send Money." Once you click on the "Open," it will ask for an email or phone number. Type in the church's email (, enter the amount you plan to donate, and two boxes will appear.  The first box will read: "Sending to a Friend" and the second box will read: "Paying for an item or service." Choose, "Sending to a friend" and we'll avoid paying any fees for the transaction and you will receive a tax write off for your entire donation!